Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Book: The King's Choice by Mandy M Roth

Title: The King's Choice
Series: The King's Choice (#1)
Author: Mandy M Roth
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Release Date: 3rd September 2010
Challenges: N/A
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Prophecy fortells that King Jakov must choose a woman before a certain time in his reign, or face eternity alone. When young women of the nobility are paraded in front of him he finds himself uninspired and knows that none of them are his future wife. But when he finds his brother and advisor, Andrija, fighting off Dijana, something in him changes. What he doesn't realise is that Dijana is not the kind of woman to roll over on demand, and with power of her own, he finds he may have completely over estimated her.

As is perhaps hinted at in the cover, The King's Choice has several more traditionally Eastern themes in it than some of Roth's other books and I found that I quite liked that, it gave the shifter culture a different feel as well as adding a unique element. Not everything was traditional, but it felt like its own culture because of that.

One thing that should be noted in particular about The King's Curse was the sex. I don't mind sex in books, and I will sometimes look for erotica in my book choices, but I don't think that The King's Choice is for everyone. There was a scene that was a bit touch and go about whether it was actually consensual (I came to the conclusion that it was) as well as a threesome scene that was present without a triad which was certainly an interesting concept.

Saying that, I did feel like there was a strong story and world building going on as well, and I loved that the initial attraction that Jakov had towards Dijana was actually more about her personality than her body (thought that was obviously part of it too), and I liked the tension that was between them because of who they were as well.

Overall The King's Choice was a good read, though for me there were a couple of things that didn't quite hit the spot, but that's a manner of opinion, other people are sure to love what I wasn't too sure about!