Monday, 20 April 2015

10 Facts You May or May Not Know About Me!

I'm saying that in case you do know, in which case, hopefully there's some new ones!

  1. I carry around a notebook with me where I end up jotting down ideas for plots/books etc. Yes I know this may be going a little too far, but I already have 7 different projects started (and I really need to finish some of them!) so its necessary, there's a lot that goes round my head! Most of it at inopportune times.
  2. My (current) chosen career path makes my degree completely obsolete. Well ignoring the fact that all things considered its a fluke I even managed to get my degree (extenuating circumstances gets you quite far apparently!) I want to be a Restaurant Manager, so my Business and French degree probably isn't that useful...though least I can say Sauvignon Blanc right, people pronouncing it wrong is one of my pet peeves.
  3. My favourite piece of classical music is Canon by Pachabel. I just think it is beautiful, despite the love-hate relationship I had with it at school. I was a part of the orchestra, and the strings/woodwind sections actually practiced seperately (due to space) which was great, until we discovered that the strings section played it slower. So Canon, at a quarter of the speed with a bar of hemi-demi-semi-quavers...basically a flautist's nightmare! But I still love it!
  4. When I was at school me and my friends wrote a sketch show based on a Frenchwoman opening a restaurant and employing a Spanish waiter, an Italian Chef and an English Food Critic (yep I'm not sure either). Looking back I think we may have been stereotyping just a bit, though I still remember enjoying banging on a table yelling 'you stupid beetle' at my friend playing the Italian Chef. We weren't normal. We still aren't.
  5. I absolutely suck at playing Monopoly. In fact last time I played was with the same friends mentioned above. Wasn't even proper Monopoly, it was Junior Monopoly. Me and one of my other friends failed so badly that we started building an illegal settlement in the middle of the board, complete with crack den and brothel. Did I mention we're not normal?!
  6. When I'm really nervous I play out confrontational conversations in French in my head. Not too sure why, especially as a grand total of none of those conversations have ever been in French but I do. Actually the most confrontational French I've ever spoken got me a free pizza so I could do it! 
  7. I hate recommending books to people in my 'real' life. I know I have a book blog, and I know that technically that is recommending books to people, but for some reason I absolutely hate doing it in real life. Mainly cause I'm so worried what others might think of my book taste! 
  8. I love blueberries. I can sit there and eat an entire packet with no problems. They're just so tasty! 
  9. I have real problems with the differences between American and English wording. (SORRY!) It's ridicolous I know, and when I'm reading I don't mind it so much, but speaking I just can't stand trousers being called pants, purses being called wallets, bags being called purses, jam being called jelly...yep you get the picture, I'm totally weird! 
  10. I hate anyone touching my feet apart from my dog. For some reason he's fine! He does like to put his toys on people's feet to get them to play with him though, so maybe that's why!