Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Sunday Post #15

So after my major flake out at the end of last week (which I'm still not too sure how it happened!) this Sunday Post has some stuff from last week as well! Also I am really REALLY sorry about my disorganisation last week, it was really bad. 

Real Life

I went to work. I worked. I came home. I went to work. I went to sleep...or at least that's how it feels. My main emotion at the moment appears to be tired and I know that everything is suffering for it. My younger brother is coming to visit next week though (he's 2 years younger than me and the 4th out of the 5 of us - I'm 2nd) so that should be fun. 

Oh last Sunday night I went out with the girls from work to celebrate two of their birthdays! We ended up in our local Indian and then back to the pub where we work taking bathroom selfies...and I'd said I wouldn't drink much!

I have a dilemma...

So I got a comment on one of my reviews, it was for an enjoyable book but I did say that the time period setting and names felt a bit off (which may clue you in to which book). This comment basically said 'you're wrong the names are correct but I'm sure you did your research', I responded saying that I hadn't actually mentioned that it was historically inaccurate but that it hadn't felt right to me as a reader. Except on a little digging (and by that I mean it was really easy to find) it turns out that the person commenting was a pen name of the same author. So now I feel really annoyed that they've done that, instead of doing it in a nicer way and maybe thanking me for reviewing? I didn't slate the book, or at least I don't think I did. But I am now really confused as to what to do next.

Author Stuff (< totally weird for me to put that!) 

However I can now share the Blurb and Cover for Awakening! Which is both scary and awesome!
You can add Awakening on Goodreads here and if I can ask for help with a Blitz (sign up here!) that would be awesome! I'm also happy for people to have review copies (with no time pressure!) 

I also have an Author Facebook Page now :-)

Take a journey to an alternate world where not everything is what it seems. 

In an effort to have a child, the Queen makes a deal with the Dark King, but she soon discovers that the deal has dire consequences for her beloved Sleeping Beauty. In an effort to help, the Queen’s mother alters the curse so that Keira will sleep for 100 years, but there is a catch; if Keira awakens before then she may still be doomed.

After sleeping for over 90 years, Keira is awoken by Philip, the son of the Dark King and the one she was intended for. Despite sharing his father's bloodline, Philip refuses to be like his father and won't make Keira do anything that she isn't ready for.

Supported by a powerful witch and her brother, Hansel and Gretel, Philip and Keira have to make a choice, one that will define Keira's destiny. Changing their lives forever.

Read This Week
Note from last week: I actually upload covers as I go so this was included! Though I did also read an awesome beta read that I'll be excited to tell you about once it's been released!

Costs of the Week: 

Should have spent: 
Last Week: £11.39
This Week: £17.35
February: £69.88
March: £17.35
Year to Date: £180.36
Acutally Spent: 
Last Week: £0.00
This Week: £0.00
February: £6.39
March: £0.00
Year to Date: £11.05


Right Now by Marie Hall
Animal by Nikki Rae
Fake Boobs by Ryan Ringbloom
Rebellious Prince by Michelle M Pillow
Chosen by Nina Croft
The Boleyn Reckoning by Laura Andersen
Seaside Secrets by Melissa Foster
Spice by Scarlet Smith
The Impatient Lord by Michelle M Pillow
The Guardians by Mandy M Roth
Remote by Lisa Acerbo
Wolf Bride by Elizabeth Moss

Other Posts

Cover Reveal: Closer by Kaia Bennett

Once Upon a Mini Challenge Answers! 

I was lucky enough to host a mini challenge for COYER this time around, and thought I should post the answers somewhere! The original post is here but I've included the clues below as well. 

Fairy Tale character 1: Likes to wear red & is afraid of the big bad wolf
Little Red Riding Hood
Fairy Tale Character 2: Has long blonde hair & definitely isn't afraid of heights 
Fairy Tale Characters 3: Use pebbles to keep track of where they've been & love gingerbread
Hansel & Gretel
Fairy Tale Character 4: Wants to be a real boy 
Fairy Tale Character 5: Bibbetty-Bobbitty-Boo
Fairy Tale Character 6: Feels like she's walking on glass
The Little Mermaid 
Fairy Tale Character 7: Always has a mother in drag 
Aladdin (though this could be a British thing!) 
Fairy Tale Character 8: Now wants to avoid combs
Snow White
Fairy Tale Character 9: Thinks she's a peasant not a Princess
Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
Fairy Tale Character 10: Would really approve of this challenge
Rumplestiltskin (guess the name...!)

Challenge Updates
Because reading is better than real life
February passed, well just about!

Last week: I read two books for this, cut it fine again but made it!
Goal: 48 Books (4 Books a Month) 
Read: 8 Books

Falling For YA
Last week I read one book from Netgalley...this week I read none...ooops!

Goal: 75 Books
Read: 21 Books

I can't believe COYER is over :-( But I more than made my target, though I didn't get over 100 like last time round!

Goal: 80 Books
Read: 91 Books

Last week I read one book for this challenge (Seaside Secrets) and this week I've read 5 (Animal, Rebellious Prince, Fake Boobs, The Space Captain's Courtesan and Adapted for Film

Goal: 31-45 Books 
Read: 9 Books

So last week I gained 28 points (2 points for The Impatient Lord, plus 10 for finishing the Dragon Lords series, 2 points for The Boleyn Reckoning plus 10 points for finishing The Boleyn Trilogy, 2 points for The Catalyst and 2 points for Seaside Secrets). This week I got 2 points for Rebellious Prince.

Goal: 101+ Points
Read: 36 Points