Monday, 2 March 2015

Once Upon a Mini Challenge (COYER)

Hello lovely COYER readers :-) I can't believe that March, and my mini-challenge have come around so fast, kind of scary actually!

As you may know, I have a book coming out this month (and I can't believe it's this month to be honest!) and my narrator is a fairytale character..ish, so I thought I'd do a guess who of fairytale characters, the clues will get harder as they go along! All you have to do to win entries is guess the fairy tale character! (Well and be a part of COYER).

Fairy Tale Character 1
Π                  Likes to wear red
Π                  Is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Fairy Tale Character 2
Π                  Long blonde hair
Π                  Definitely not scared of heights

Fairy Tale Characters 3
Π                  They use pebbles to remember where they’ve been
Π                  They love gingerbread

Fairy Tale Character 4
Π                  Wants to be a real boy

Fairy Tale Character 5
Π                  Bibbetty-Bobbity-Boo

Fairy Tale Character 6
Π                  Feels like she’s walking on glass

Fairy Tale Character 7
Π                  Always has a mother in drag (this is where I hope pantomimes are a worldwide thing and not just something we do in the UK!)

Because pantomimes appear to be a UK thing...the changed clue is going to be a friend in blue.

Fairy Tale Character 8
Π                  Now wants to avoid combs

Fairy Tale Character 9
Π                  Thinks that she is a peasant not a Princess

Fairy Tale Character 10

Π                  Would definitely approve of this challenge. (And that is all you’re getting!) 


You have to be a member of COYER to participate...that's about it! The prize is books 2 and 3 of Jennifer Blackstream's fairy tale retellings (book 1 is perma free!)

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