Friday, 13 March 2015

Book: Sworn to Ascension by Terah Edun

Title: Sworn to Ascension
Series: Courtlight (#6)
Author: Terah Edun
From: Amazon
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 15th January 2015
Challenges: 2015 New Release Challenge, 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

When she got engaged to Prince Heir Sebastian, the last thing Lady Companion Ciardis Weathervane expected to be doing was to be making her way towards the isolated and abandoned desert city of Kifar. But now, along with two irrate bond mates, she has to do just that, along with learning who she can and can't trust...

Ciardis has come on such a journey from the first book, and I have loved every minute of it so far (though I do need more! I can't bear for this story to finish there!). The ending was at a good place (or else the book would have to be massive!)  but I forgot how quickly and easily I become embroiled in the land of Algardis and the characters there.

The bond between Ciardis and Sebastian, as well as the bond between Ciardis and Thanar has progressed, now to a point where they all seem to have a bit more control over it than before, even if they are using that control to shut each other out. This creates interesting dynamics between the three of them, and I honestly have no idea how the whole thing will work out.

While Sebastian and Ciardis' relationship is fairly stable (they did just get engaged after all) the relationship between Ciardis and Thanar remains some what strained and the pair of them have had to work it out a bit more than first thought. Add into that the relationship between Thanar and Sebastian, which did grow in this book but was outright antagonistic to start with, it creates an interesting atmosphere. But as I said all of their relationships grew, though it was gradual and I felt like it was the natural progression for them.

What I love about this series is that there isn't just a central partnership between two characters, but rather a range of relationships, friendships and allies explored. Ciardis has a different relationship with each of the characters, and each has a unique and realistic feel to it (ignoring the fact that they can all perform magic of some kind of course!)

I loved diving back into the world of Algardis and can't wait for more!