Thursday, 5 March 2015

Book: The Space Captain's Courtesan by KC Klein

Title: The Space Captain's Courtesan
Series: The Omega Galaxy (#1)
Author: KC Klein
From: Review Copy
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, Space Opera
Release Date: 2nd March 2015
Challenges: Winter COYER, 2015 New Release Challenge
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Mya Centauri is a Princess on the run, sent away after her father's attempted assasination. Captain Jax Rouss was framed for the attempted assasination of his King 10 years ago, and has been on the run ever since. The last person he expected to find in his bed is the Princess Mya, particualarly as she was a child when he knew her last. Mya has always known in her heart that Jax was innocent, now she just has to prove it!

I need more! The Space Captain's Courtesan dragged me in from the very beginning, with the characters and the plot, and even better with the politics! I do love it when books capture the politics of governments and other organisations well, and mixing it up with the romance makes it work all the better in my opinion.

I never actually know what to make of relationships with large age gaps in my books, probably because I myself am attracted to people around the same age as me so I think it goes along those lines, but this book provided a solution to that! Stasis worked on the basis of freezing time for two years, no ageing or any of the associated processes, thus Mya and Jax were much closer to the same age while allowing Jax to have been older and a hero for Mya when she was a child.

I liked that most of the book was centred around the growing relationship between Mya and Jax, which wasn't always easy, and it took several turns that I didn't actually expect. Because they were both stubborn characters, with a lot of self assurance, they often clashed, though that just increased the tension between them (though they only let it out a couple of times!) I thought it felt right for the two of them to care for each other and love each other, particularly with their past history.

I also really liked the way that the customs of more than one planet were explored, I love it when good thought has to be put into Sci-Fi worlds, and it makes it feel more plausible. Interestingly I did feel that this story wasn't too far away time wise, technology could do a lot, but not everything.

Also a man that got weak kneed for his woman...I'll take that! This was a great read, I'd definitey suggest it!