Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Book: Rebellious Prince by Michelle M Pillow

Title: Rebellious Prince
Series: Captured by a Dragon-Shifter (#2)
Author: Michelle M Pillow
From: Review Copy
Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Paranormal
Release Date: 3rd March 2015
Challenges: Winter COYER, 2015 New Release Challenge, 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Prince Rafe of the cat-shifting Var thinks that he'll be the last of the Princes to bring back a wife from Earth...until he meets Jenna by chance in a diner. Low blood sugar leads to Jenna misunderstanding what the super hot but obviously crazy Rafe is saying, and that misunderstanding could just lead to her life changing forever...

Having just finished Dragon Lords this book came out at the perfect time! Though it is also the first book that I've read that centres around Var characters. Up until this point they've been antagonists in the books and it was kind of strange to see that change around, so much so that the two younger Princes Rafe (Var) and Finn (Draig) seemed to have a bit of a bromance going on, which I loved! It was an interesting dynamic to have!

Rebellious Prince had a few moments that made me laugh aloud, particularly when the Princes misinterpret or misuse English (and I love the fact that the author has taken into account that they're not native English speakers!) There was also the whole alien-probing thread, which was kind of necessary to the story, but really just a well done nod to alien theorists everywhere!

One of the best things about this series is that it gives some historical context to the other books, and that is both interesting and a story in itself. The one thing I am now finding myself questioning though is when the Draig and the Var actually fell out!

I really liked the relationship between Jenna and Rafe as well, I thought that it was interesting to see one of the shifters attempt dating, while not having either of them actually opposed to the idea in the first place. They also seemed to compliment each other, Jenna's more serious nature playing against Rafe's playfulness!

Definitely loving this series, and looking forward to more from it!