Friday, 27 March 2015

Book: Moon's Flower by Marie Hall

Title: Moon's Flower
Series: Kingdom (#6)
Author: Marie Hall
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling
Release Date: 22nd November 2013
Challenges: 2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge  (2 points)
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Calanthe is a flower fairy, but she's always felt like she doesn't quite fit in. When she steals a Moon's Flower and lets it grow; something changes. Her soul becomes connected with the Man in the Moon. Jericho has been trapped in the Moon for 200 years, only being able to roam the land once a month. When they meet the passion consumes them, even if it breaks laws, rules and hearts.

So it's been ages since I last picked up a Kingdom book, but I was just in the mood for some kind of happy fairy tale romance, with a little bit of maturity to it! Except Moon's Flower wasn't quite the same as the previous books, and I haven't worked out whether to count the ending as happy, sad or just bittersweet.

One thing Moon's Flower did do was answer several questions about Danika...partly how she ended up having to be Godmother to the Villians, but also what her past is with several of the other fairies. I liked finding out more about her, but felt that some of it was quite sad.

The romance between Calanthe and Jericho was sweet for the most part, with a couple of passionate encounters and I thought it worked well. I wasn't sure where the whole thing was going to go because of the Moon's connection to the Sun, but again I thought that this worked.

I did end up completely surprised by the major plot twist in Moon's Flower. Did not see that one coming at all, though I do think that it worked well. I like being surprised by the books that I read, especially cause it doesn't often happen. In fact I wasn't sure how this book would end until it did.

Definitely a good addition to the series, and I'm looking forward to the rest!