Monday, 2 March 2015

Book: Chosen by Nina Croft

Title: Chosen
Series: Laws of Segregation (#1)
Author: Nina Croft
From: Review Copy
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Release Date: 25th February 2011
Challenges: Winter COYER
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

As a member of the Order, Tallon is charged with hunting down and kill witches, including Shayla, but Shayla has a pull to Tallon and it works the other way as well. When Tallon tries to carry out his charge he fails, to the point where Shayla's response transports them to another world, one which doesn't take so kindly to Warlocks like Tallon.

Chosen is a quick read, but like all of the books by Nina Croft that I'pve read, it drags you into a rich and descriptive world, where the characters' plights become the reader's own. In my opinion, Chosen easily creates a world which some authors struggle to do in a much longer book. Though this was a quick read I didn't feel llike it missed anything.

There was a romance, or more a physical attraction, between Tallon and Shayla that spanned the whole book, with both of them accepting it and wanting to act upon it. What I liked about it was that although it was a fated mates idea, it had actually grown over the years of knowing each other from a distance. It didn't feel quite as 'insta-love' as it could have done!

A really small, and perhaps silly point for me to make, is that I really appreciated that for once the male in the relationship was the virgin. It meant that Shayla wasn't a virgin sex goddess (the likes of which I often find annoying) but also gave another angle and I liked that.

Chosen was a great read, I look forward to reading more, from the series and from the author!