Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Anthology: The Pariahs by David Adams

Title: The Pariahs
Series: Kobolds
Anthology Title: Fierce
Author: David Adams
From: Review Copy
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 10th March 2015
Challenges: N/A
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

Kozog and Brea are a sellsword team, and one of the best at that. But when the war they are fighting is lost they end up returning to Kozog's home city, only to find that his family assets have been seized and his mother left worried about her future. When they set out to retrieve proof that the family was wrongly accused, they discover more than they let on...

The Pariahs combined some great action scenes with a lot of banter! The banter mostly came from Brea, and mostly came about because Kozog didn't quite understand humour, or sarcasm. I actually found myself laughing aloud at some points because of that which is always a bonus!

I also really liked the tension between the two characters! It was clear that they liked each other a lot, and that Brea was more open to the idea than Kozog was, though reading Kozog being unable to take the hints Brea was giving was highly amusing at times!

This was a quick read, but very enjoyable, I liked the banter between the two characters, and even in this book there was a sense that the world the author built was detailed and I now definitely want to check more of it out!