Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Sunday Post #13

Real Life 

So...what to put here? Well nothing really much. I'm basically too tired to keep track of my (minimal) social life, though it's the same with just about everything else I'm doing too. I've been working 7 days a week for the past month and a bit, with the only 2 days I've had off being to babysit my brother, which though enjoyable at times is hard work! The Woman that I'm taking over from at work has gone on Maternity leave now, meaning I've been completely in charge for the first time which just seems massively crazy to me if I'm completely honest. 

I realised a couple of days ago that there is now LESS than a month until Awakening releases. Well technically re-releases, though I did change a few things from the original (Gretel's age, otherwise it made the sequel creepy in places, and Keira's reaction to her parents' deaths, this isn't a spoiler, she falls asleep for 100 years so pretty sure its obvious they'd be dead by that time). So I was thinking I should maybe start setting up some here's me asking very nicely if anyone would be willing to post a blitz on 13th March? If so you can sign up here. Also, if anyone would like a review copy of Awakening I'm happy to provide one (though it will be an unedited copy). I've made a form here but if you have my email address then you can just drop me a message :-) 

Read This Week
Reading wise I've had an interesting read. Wolf Bride was enjoyable but felt more Regency than Tudor (review is coming this week for more details) which was kind of disappointing, but other than that I've had a good reading week, enjoying all of my reads! I am also listening to Head Over Heels by Cindy Proctor-King, but I'm not sure exactly what it is I don't like about it!

Costs of the Week 
Should have spent: 
This Week: £21.18
February: £58.49
Year to Date: £151.62
Acutally Spent: 
This Week: £0.00
February: £6.39
Year to Date: £11.05

Reviews This Week 
I've been trying out a bit of a new format for my reviews from this week onwards, mainly cause I've caught up with myself and now actually have less than a week of reviews scheduled (which is a bit scary for me it must be said!) I'm hoping the format makes things clearer for me as well as readers! 

The Reluctant Lord by Michelle M Pillow
Blaze of Glory by Mandy M Roth
Spark Rising by Kate Corcino
Call of the Sea by Michelle M Pillow
Devils Among Us by Mandy M Roth

Other Posts This Week

Challenge Updates
Because reading is better than real life
I listened to some of my ebook while cleaning the house? Oh and I read a couple of Netgalley books, so not totally ignoring my own challenge!

Yey! I read a book for this this week, and most of my other reading for February is done, so I can get another two read this week! Fingers crossed! 
Goal: 48 Books (4 Books a Month) 
Read: 6 Books

Falling For YA
I read two books from Netgalley this week so that's not bad! I do feel like I may have requested a lot though (oops!) One of the books I'd accidentally requested twice though, which means I knocked an extra off according to the Netgalley system ;-) 
Goal: 75 Books
Read: 20 Books

I'VE DONE IT! I've met my COYER goal! There were a couple of days where I didn't think I would. All my books counted this week, and actually one even came from the COYER group Secret Santa (which was awesome!) 
Goal: 80 Books
Read: 81 Books

Nothing to report on this one I'm afraid :-( 
Goal: 31-45 Books 
Read: 3 Books

I've gained 2 points this week! Though the book I'm reading right now will add another 12 cause I get the 10 point series finish bonus! 
Goal: 101+ Points
Read: 6 Points