Monday, 16 February 2015

My Thoughts On...Why I Won't Be Going to See 50 Shades of Grey

SO...the supposedly most anticipated film of the year, 50 Shades of Grey. I'm going with this cause the topic still seems somewhat bookish, but also because I kind of want a rant about it. Though before I even start I will state that in all liklihood I will end up watching it when I cave to curiosity...just like I did with the book.

Why not the cinema? 

As I write this, the film isn't fact (it's Wedneday 11th) the preview reviews are only just starting, and they're not great from what I've seen so far! The cinema is so expensive but also who would I go with? It's not a family film, I don't have a boyfriend (even if I did I'm still not sure I'd want to go with him) and going with friends just seems weird. Plus someone told me that some cinemas are using plastic sheeting on the seats. Just no, that's just wrong (that it's necessary, and for the poor people who then have to remove it). So yeah, that's why not at the cinema.

But the book was a bestseller!

Yep, and that's why I caved to reading it. I wanted to know what everyone was going on about, and really I've read better. I've also read worse, but it wasn't a book that stuck with me more than any other. All I can really tell you about it is that it's Twilight fan fiction and the protaganist annoyed me. Not really a good start for a film really...

It's an 18 film.

Apparently in this country we can't give R ratings to soft porn where apparently the main character doesn't even get naked (according to the actor who I'll take as a fairly reliable source!) To do 50 Shades justice it would have to be porn. Cutting out half the scenes (which they'll have had to to have been awarded an 18 in the UK) from the book will mean that there is even less plot line than there was before...great!

Also her voice really annoys me on the trailor.

Will you be going to see 50 Shades? Or have you? What did you think? Should I maybe reconsider?