Monday, 9 February 2015

My Thoughts On...Admitting I Read

This may seem like a strange topic, but I do think it is one that I have to address, mainly for my own sanity! There's two parts to this; admitting I read, and admitting I'm a book blogger. This is such a big part of my life that I sometimes find it a bit strange that I keep it a little more secret than you'd have thought.

Admitting I Read

OK, basically everyone that I've ever known has known that I like to read. Just most of them don't know how much. I'm not actually sure why I keep it from so many people, especially those like my Uni friends when we all had something a little geeky about us (in a cool way obviously!). In secondary school (ages 11-16) I was part of the reading group and me and my friends often talked about books, but there are actually very few people who know the extent of my addiction (and yes I'm counting it as an addiction, I feel weird if I don't read).

Recently I have found myself being more open about it. There are several people in my 'real' life that know that I read hundreds of books last year. There are also a few that know that I get free books in exchange for reviews. But they don't know much more than that.

I have some friends that ask me for recommendations of books, as well as one who I have quite heated debated about A Song of Ice and Fire with (normally the argument goes somewhat along the lines of 'I quite like Sansa.' 'You did NOT just say that. Tyrion is ace.' and devolves into us musing on the mortality of Jon Snow). But still, even they don't know how much I read. The beauty of a kindle I guess!

Admitting I Blog 

Well this one is actually even less people. I think there's two or three of my friends that actully know I blog. One of them is an author and I wrote a review on his book (well kind of, I wrote a commentry on his book, because when the characters are based off you and your best friends in school it's kind of hard to be objective!).

A few people know that I write reviews, interestingly my parents fall into this category. I got very excited when I got offered my first back cover quote and told them about it. But we've never actually had a conversation about where I review.

Which brings me to a real question; why do I not tell people? Well actually I think I know the answer. For whatever reason I don't want the people that I know to judge the kind of books I read. I mean if my Mum knew that I blogged, I wouldn't feel that I could post reviews that mentioned sex, and I'd hate to restrict my reading pallet.

It's weird. I don't really understand it if I'm honest!

What about you? Do the people in your 'real' life know that you read and blog? Or am I the only one with a secret (well not that secret) online presence?