Sunday, 15 February 2015

Book: Three Two One (321) by J A Huss

Early one Sunday morning, Ark and JD find a girl shivering in the rain, not even wearing enough to keep her warm. Something about the girl calls to them, and they take her under their wing, despite the fact that they can't use her for their porn empire. Blue has escaped from hell, except she doesn't always think about it as hell. Learning to live again takes time, and Ark and JD have to earn her trust before she'll give into them completely. With each of them falling for the other two things are about to get complicated, particularly as all three of them are keeping secrets, and big secrets at that.

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I'm not sure how I feel about Three Two One, it was a book that captured my attention from page one, but I kind of felt a bit guilty about it doing so. Ultimately it's a story about three kind of messed up people falling in love and becoming even more messed up, and that's without adding in the sex. As each chapter progressed there were more mysteries added than were solved and I found I wanted to know the answers.

So...let's start at the ending. Honestly I had no idea what was coming from page to page, so the ending itself was a complete mystery to me until it happened. Even looking back I don't think I could have seen it coming, and that was a good thing. It meant that I was never trying to guess how things would end and ultimately I enjoyed the story more for that. As to the ending itself, I thought that it worked well, personally I was happy with it.

I'm guessing you could kind of call Three Two One a whole book about a love triangle. The three characters were in a sort of triad but it was clear that there was still a little bit of competition going on. I did like to see that the two men weren't so cringey about touching each other as most are in menages, but at the same time I never had a sense of it lasting as a triad.

What I found particularly interesting was that though they were all in it together I had a favourite coupling. That doesn't normally happen with me in this kind of book (but it does when love triangles are involved). And I genuinely thought that Ark was better for Blue in the long run.

Now the sex I may have been a bit worried that my kindle may set on fire due to hotness. But there was also a part of me that was thinking that it wasn't right that the scenes were so hot, particularly in the beginning when ultimately Blue was being taken advantage of. It was strange, but did work well with the story line.

Three Two One was defintiely an enjoyable read, though at times I wondered what kind of person I was to be enjoying it! Definitely different, and I definitely loved the fact that I had no idea how it would end until it did!

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