Monday, 2 February 2015

Book: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

I received a copy of Stardust from amazon as a free gift (still not totally sure why, but if amazon says have a book for free who am I to say no!)

Tristran Thorn has always been a bit of an outsider in Wall, but when he promises the girl he loves, Victoria, that he will bring her the fallen star that she spots, he passes over into Faerie without a problem. Encoutering a large variety of characters on his travels, he meets the star, a beautiful young woman named Yvaine, and proceeds to return her to Victoria. Yet on the way something changes, and he finds that his adventures changed not only his feelings, but him as a person.

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This was a strange read for me simply because it is one of the only cases where I'd seen the film before reading the book (and liked the film for that matter). I still like the film but now can recognise the differences (one of which is the ending, which I found a little sad in the book) but am definitely glad that I read the book, and can't help but feel satisfied for reading it.

I was surprised about how quickly the story progressed, part of me was thinking it would be more Tolkein-esque (particularly because of the narration style, which I'll get to in a minute) and take the characters ages to get anywhere, when in fact they managed to progress rather quickly in terms of where their adventure took them. I thought this was good, mainly because of how boring I found Fellowship of the Ring and think I'd have lost interest a bit if Stardust had continued in this way.

The narration is a style that I don't normally read. I'm pretty sure it would count as second person narration, though from an omnificant (think that's the word) narrator. So not only did the narrator know what the various characters were saying, but they talked to the reader as well. I'm not sure that I'd want to read a lot of books with this style, but I found that it worked for Stardust.

I have a satisfied feeling now that I've finished Stardust, and though I'm not really too sure why, especially considering it wasn't as character driven as my normal reads, I am happy that I've read it (finally!)

Stardust counts towards Winter COYER