Thursday, 26 February 2015

Book: Spice by Scarlet Smith

Title: Spice
Author: Scarlet Smith
From: Netgalley
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Release Date: 26th February 2015
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Freelance writer Jess has a new assignment, to write a blog on if you can go from vanilla to kinky in 2 weeks. Armed with a list of things to try in bed and her sexy and gorgeous man onside to help, Jess sets off on a journey that could make or break her career. And her relationship.

I will admit I'm a little bit at a loss about how to describe this book. There's a lot of sex in it (as the description kind of leads to) but it actually became so much more than that. But at the same time I wouldn't count Spice as romance. The couple, Jess and Max, have a good long term relationship going, it doesn't need saving and they don't need to get to know each other. In fact they were happy with their lot and loved each other a lot. Then came the list.

I loved the way that the list was approached. I imagine (because in some respects this is how I feel myself) that the list comprised of things that most people are a little too worried about admitting they want to try, including fairly 'safe' things like role play or spanking, right up to dogging, golden showers and threesomes. The idea was that as a blogger (a paid one!) Jess would approach each one, try it and write about it.

What I liked was that Jess and Max talked about it first, and didn't feel that they needed to do it if they didn't want to (prime example being golden showers, not sure I'd really have wanted to read about that). There was also a few awkward moments where things didn't go to plan or one of them wasn't as into it as the other one. I liked that because it seemed realistic, after all not everyone likes some of this stuff.

You could actually see the relationship between Max and Jess getting stronger as the book went on, and Jess' feelings were pretty strong to start with. All the way through I never really doubted that their relationship would hit a rocky patch, which is good and a nice change from 'normal'. There was a hiccup, but I thought that it was managed well and felt natural all things considered.

I enjoyed Spice. It was fun, it was sexy and actually I really wouldn't mind having a relationship like Jess and Max's!