Friday, 6 February 2015

Book: Passion by Susan Kaye Quinn

I received a copy of Passion, part 9 of Debt Collector, in exchange for my review.

With his mother about to have a life changing operation, and the only chance they have to save a little girls life coming up, Lirium has a lot to think about, and only one person he can truly rely on; Elena. Knowing how important it is to catch the rogue Debt Collector in the act of draining a child, Lirium and Elena have a plan all set, with only the details left to fall into place.

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Well…that was a finale and a half. One thing about Lirium’s story is that it is never predictable, so I had events that I wanted to happen in my head, but I knew that they very likely wouldn’t. So I went into Passion almost blind and have come out satisfied by the ending and intrigued by Season 2 (despite the fact that due to a blog tour, this review will publish after that of the second Season).

Lirium and Elena’s relationship definitely changed in Passion, they went from kind of flirty to all out into each other (though it was definitely there anyway and it did lead to a sense of relief that they were finally acting upon it!) I like them for each other, I think that Elena, whether knowingly or not, brings out the best in Lirium. And that Lirium is a good guy and would always look after the people he cared about.

I was also glad that Lirium’s mother was brought into the story, I think it added another caring aspect to him and showed the reader exactly how much compassion he was capable of. It also became clear where Lirium got his selflessness from, because whether he liked it or not he was selfless at times.

Passion was a very satisfying conclusion to Lirium’s story, though I do hope to see hi again in season 2 (hopefully he’ll cross paths with Wraith!)

Passion counts towards Winter COYER.

A Note on Debt Collector: Lirium as a whole:

The serial is full of twists and turns and constantly takes the reader by surprise, no matter what you expect you don’t actually get it, instead characters and events creep up on you. None of the characters are completely good or completely bad (well actually there are a few very bad ones) but the main characters are a mix, making them much more believable and accessible. This was a great read and I’m looking forward to Wraith’s story.