Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Book: A Moment by Marie Hall

Liliana had her whole life ahead of her when everything changed. Pregnant at 14, and with her Mom diagnosed with a serious illness, life changes forever when her father walks out. Ryan was the child that no one wanted, and when his parents didn't believe him about what happened to him as a child, he took the only way out; joining the Marines. Now back, Ryan is facing his demons, but doing it badly, but when his cousin, Alex, introduces him to Liliana something changes and he realises that he could move past his demons and learn to live again. Caring for her sick mother and autistic son, Liliana hasn't had much time for fun in the past 7 years, but meeting Ryan has changed all that, and she finds herself more and more enamoured with him...

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First off...more fool me. I have this habit of not re reading blurbs before I pick up a book, which means that I often have no idea what I'm getting in for. In the case of A Moment this led to me getting a massive emotional punch. I've read several of Marie Hall's works, and really should have expected it considering my reaction to The Wright Brother, and yet I still couldn't help it!

A Moment is emotional. Both Liliana and Ryan have been through hell, different hells true, but each has left their mark.Whereas Liliana had, for the most part, learned to live with her hell, and even enjoy life after it, Ryan often can't cope, spiraling into drinking and depression. Their relationship builds slowly and carefully and it felt right for them as characters. There was no rushing into bed the first time they met, or the second (in fact we're talking months before they did) and there were no hasty 'I love you's. It worked and felt real.

I'll be honest, I didn't know how well introducing an autistic child to the story would work. Not that Javier should have been left out, I think more authors should focus on children such as him. Ultimately I thought that it worked well, Javier was another element that complicated the relationship between Liliana and Ryan, but at the same time he didn't. From the off Ryan had no problem involving him, and it was possible to see his own feelings towards Javier growing.

This book has it's sweet moments, but it also has moments that pack such a punch that you don't realise that it's coming. I felt emotional after finishing but at the same time I felt like reading A Moment was very rewarding. I really enjoyed it!

A Moment counts towards Winter COYER & 2015 Reading Assignment