Saturday, 7 February 2015

Book: Last Man on Earth by Michelle M Pillow

The end of the world has happened; with scientists trying to manipulate the wreather to their advantage and it back firing. Now the survivors live in bases, like the one where Rena and Micco live. With the survival of the human race imperative, unmarried members of the colony are ordered to marry, and Rena gets chosen to be with Mico, yet all she can think about is the fact that she told him she wouldn't sleep with him if he was the last man on earth. What Rena won't admit is that actually she finds herself attracted to Micco and always has, but she won't be pushing him away this time anyway...

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I've read several of Michelle M Pillow's books, mostly involving shifters, though reading her Silo 1000 (Her Kindle Worlds work based on Wool) and was curious about how she would create a post apocalyptic world of her own. Last Man on Earth is short but does give an insight into a world that I found I want to know more about.

The main focus of Last Man on Earth is the physical relationship between Rena and Micco, and unlike many relationships, there's no actual struggle between them to actually get into bed. They're both attracted to each other, they don't deny it and they get on with it. The only thing they get caught up on is Rena's past comment about not sleeping with Micco if he was the last man on earth.

There was a little bit of action in Last Man on Earth, and I mean the kind without a bed, but it was quickly over, though I was glad it was there as it aded some depth to the story and made it so that it was more than just about Rena and Micco's relationship. In fact I thought that life under the sea was well explained and imagined, particularly impressive considering how few pages there were!

Last Man on Earth counts towards Winter COYER