Friday, 6 February 2015

Book: Fallen by Susan Kaye Quinn

I received a copy of Fallen, part 6 of The Debt Collector, in exchange for my review.

Shocked about still being alive, Lirium is going crazy in his room, not allowed to interact with anyone, even with Ophelia. Even though she betrayed him, he is unable to stop the feelings that he has growing for her, and if he gets out of the Mob then he wants to get her out too. Valac seems to be against life, but sometimes help can come from unlikely places.

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Well that wasn’t quite how I was expecting that to go. The ending of Fallen really got me, both because I wasn’t expecting it and because I hadn’t realised how much I’d come to care about one of the characters that was involved in a bad way. It was a good ending though, mainly because of how shocking it was.

Yet again I got a turn around on how I felt about Ophelia. Whereas up to this point I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether or not I like the character, in this part I found that I really liked her, which is probably to do with how she is softening towards Lirium and seems to be accepting that there may be something between them.

Lirium is still true to form. I have a theory that he isn’t really an anti-hero, because he never really was bad, but he is a reluctant hero. He’s a good guy who doesn’t realise that he is good, which just makes his choices stand out even more. As a character I really like him, and I think the unlimited point of view into what he is thinking helps with that. Though he isn’t perfect that does have to be said!

Fallen counts towards Winter COYER