Saturday, 7 February 2015

Book: Destined by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Destined, part 3 of Silo 1000, a Kindle Worlds story, in exchange for my review.

Having rescued and married Maryann from Silo 998, Paul Allison has to sit vigil for her in the hosptial as she recovers from being exposed to the toxins outside. Meanwhile Samuel is still determined that his dead wife Helena wants him to kill Maryann and let Missy marry Paul, but things don't always go to plan.

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Having finally gone to get Wool out of my box of books in the garage (not being my own home I can't fill it with books quite yet!) I now have every intention of starting to read, particularly as the end of Destined made me more intrigued. Particularly because I have started the first chapter or so of Wool so know more about who the characters are named after. I do think I need to be a little wary though as Howey's writing is going to be different from Pillow's.

The romance between Paul and Maryann came to a satisfying conclusion. Though the characters in the books are all adults, this is a clean read, with no hot and heavy sex scenes as often appear at times in Pillow's works (not that I'm complaining!) which did give Destined and the previous two Silo 1000 books a different feel to them.

I thought that Pillow did a fantastic job of potraying madness, particularly with Samuel who was obssessed with his dead wife (who was effectively a zombie). He was always a little off centre, but in this book he just went even further.

Destined counts towards Winter COYER