Sunday, 1 February 2015

Book: Cinderella The Wicked Truth by Kelli Wolfe

Cinderella has a comfortable life with her step-mother and three step-brothers. They give her everything she wants and more. But then the Prince needs a new bride and her family plot with her to hide her from the Prince's men and stop it from happening. But Cinderella's fairy godmother has other ideas, and wants nothing more than for Cinderella to be with the Prince, even if that isn't what Cinderella wants...

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I love twisted fairy tales so thought I'd read this one, particularly because the synopsis sounded intrigueing. There were several things I liked about this book and several things I was a bit unsure of and I don't really know what to make of it now I've read it.

So the things I liked...well I haven't actually read a version of Cinderella where she really really gets on with her family (as in crazy close they're having sex all the time - which I'll get to in a minute) or for that matter a story where they're step-brothers rather than step-sisters and it made an interesting dynamic.

The other thing I quite liked was that Prince Charming wasn't actually nice. In fact he was the complete opposite of what you expect, so not handsome, not nice, didn't rescue Cinderella. Again I thought this was an interesting change and I haven't seen it before.

There were several humourous moments in the book, mainly provided by the Fairy Godmother, who seemed to be a chain smoker and chain drinker, as well as not actually listening to Cinderella. The comic relief proved good in the story.

Now...the weird bits. So Cinderella liked having sex with her step-brothers and step-mother and would often drop the 'step' when talking about it. I just found it a little weird, there are some things you don't really want to read and that's one of them.

This was an interesting take on Cinderella, still not too sure what I actually make of it though.

Cinderella the Wicked Truth counts towards Winter COYER & Bookish Resolutions