Friday, 20 February 2015

Book: Call of the Sea by Michelle M Pillow

Title: Call of the Sea
Series: Call of the Lycan (#1)
Author: Michelle M Pillow
From: Amazon
Genre: Romance, Paranormal
Release Date: 27th April 2011
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Ian is the Prince of his people, wolf shifters, and is expected to marry someone worthy of becoming his Queen. But he is enraptured with a mysterious woman that saved him from the sea years past, a woman whose face he can't recall but whose presence calls to him. Ceana was cursed for stealing her brother back from the Sea Witch, to be a mermaid except for on the night of a full moon. There's only one rare set of conditions that can break her what are the chances that those can be met with Ian?

Wolf shifters AND mermaids? What more could you want! The mythologies presented in this universe for both species was interesting and well woven. I particularly liked the reasoning behind mermaids and their existance, it made a change as well as being somewhat interestingly crossed with Sirens, though that was just what people believed. I also really liked the fact that some of the shifters doubted the existance of mermaids, it made them much more human than before.

The love story was fast moving, and there wasn't that much build up to it, but it did involve the mystery of who Ceana was and why she was calling to Ian. I'll be honest, sometimes I look for love stories that are fairly predictable and the ending a guaranteed easy happily ever after, those books are easy reading to me and sometimes I need that. To me that was what Call of the Sea was. It was always going to be a quick and happy read, along with the characters getting it on a bit of course, and that was what I wanted when I read it!

I also really enjoyed the banter that was happening between the three brothers, it felt natural and made me laugh aloud in a couple of places. This also managed to make me intrigued for the other two brothers' stories (though I would quite like to know the true pronounciation of Rourik, cause I'm sure it's not what I'm reading!)