Saturday, 14 February 2015

Book: Austin by S L Scott

Austin is one of the possible endings to From the Inside Out.

Having seen Dylan kiss his girlfriend Jules, Austin is hurt and angry, but even worse; he knows he still loves her. Heartbroken and not sure what to do, he listens to Jules as she finally opens up about her past relationship with Dylan. Left alone again, Jules is determined that this time her life is not going to be shaped by a break up, and finally puts her past behind her. She wants to be the woman that Austin deserves, and hopes that one day she will be...

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One thing that I loved about this series from the start was the fact that at the end of it you could choose the ending that you wanted; Austin or Dylan. While reading I was definitely on the side of Austin, I thought he was much better for Jules and the better man anyway, but I didn't immediately jump to his ending. There was part of me that thought that Dylan might be the more satisfying conclusion to the story. In the end, I went with Austin, though I do think I'll read Dylan eventually. And I'm glad I did.

As is the theme throughout the series, relationships aren't easy. Austin and Jules didn't fall into each other's arms right after the kiss, but instead things got difficult and rocky for them. In fact it took them a long time to actually get past it, which didn't feel dragged out or anything like that, instead it felt normal and like it should have happened that way.

Both characters went through moral dilemmas. For Jules it was how to actually face Dylan again, which she had to do, and I think she reasonably could have given in to him, whereas for Austin it was more if he should take up various women on their offers to have sex with him. Weirdly I do feel like Austin has restored my faith in men a bit, and considering he's fictional that probably says a lot about my mentality!

I was worried that this ending would feel a bit forced, but I was very relieved to find that it wasn't. I am now kind of interested as to how I'll feel about Dylan's ending, particularly as I preferred Austin over him from the start though.

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