Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tour: Temptation by Susan Kaye Quinn

I received a copy of Temptation, Debt Collector 13, in exchange for my review.

Fully involved in her plan to bring Gehenna down from the inside, the last thing that Wraith imagines is the techniques that Molach and his team of debt collectors will use to persuade her. And she particularly isn't prepared for the kindness, patience and attraction that Zachariel shows towards her. With the tests coming thick and fast, if she wants to win, Alexa is going to have to get clever...

I keep getting more and more engrossed in the Debt Collector series with each part that I read. Plus the covers are absolutely stunning (one of the reasons I've been reviewing them sepearately, another being that so much seems to happen in each part that they deserve their own reviews really!)

The chemistry between Zachariel and Alexa is definitely there, and I find myself liking him, both as a character and as a potential love interest for Alexa. Though I say that, there is also a really bad feeling I have about the whole thing, and think that there could be a revelation coming up that Alexa isn't going to like (though then again Debt Collector has taken me by surprise at almost every stage so I could be wrong!)

One thing I am struggling to work out, and so is making me more and more intrigued, is exactly what each characters' motivation is. Some characters are obvious, particularly Moloch, but others I'm not so sure about. I'm hoping that some of the characters are better than they seem at the very least!

Gehenna's goals seem to be out of the woodwork now, and definitely aren't good. Though a hero does always need something to fight against, even if Alexa is begging the question of what to do if the very thing you're fighting against is yourself.

Temptation counts towards Winter COYER