Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Sunday Post #8

The Sunday Post

Real Life 

Firstly being an idiot I did actually completely forget to mention last week that I had a hair cut (yep I know actually not a major thing, but I'll take the excitement that I can get!)

BUT this week's big news! I was offered a job! I applied on Monday, got a phone call 20 minutes later offering me an interview on Wednesday, went to the interview on Wednesday and was offered it on the spot! So yes, I am now going to be a Catering Supervisor, which may not sound that exciting to most people but for me it's a big deal, I want to go into catering (and completely ignore my degree in the process) and this is a big step up for me!

Unfortunately our internet went out on Wednesday (meaning that everything is running late and that I haven't done a complete Sunday Post this week) but I'm back now! And having so much time meant I read like crazy!

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Costs of the Week

Cost of Books: £26.82
Spent: £3.67