Friday, 9 January 2015

The Cost of Reading

So I was reading Angie's post about her reading statistics and it gor me thinking, mainly about what I read in 2014, but also on just how much money I actually saved simply by being a blogger. So I worked it out, and scared myself a little bit in the process!

To put this into perspective, I read 474 books this year, not all of them were massive, but not all of them were short either, so it has sort of evened out. While looking through prices there were more than a few books where I thought 'no way! I wouldn't have paid that for that book!'

Also I bought myself my Kindle 2 years ago, and this just goes to show how good that investment was for me!

Month Cost Spent
January £98.95£1.76
February £77.85£0.00
March £128.43£2.99
April £80.32£0.00
May £80.71£9.99
June £69.95£1.19
July £85.51£6.00
September £72.07£3.18
November £73.47£7.80

Which means that over the course of last year I saved £946.10, which feels completely crazy, mainly because, having just finished uni, I wouldn't have had that much money spare to read with. Crazy! 

This year I plan on keeping track each week of how much reading is costing me, hopefully in the Sunday Post, and I'll try not to forget!