Monday, 19 January 2015

My Thoughts On...Reading by Recommendation

I was thinking the other day about how recommendations have shaped my reading. Now actually if I think back, even when I was younger I used to get recommendations off my friends and we all used to talk about them (yes we were *those* kids, we didn't care) but then I stopped. Just before I got to blogging I was picking up books for two reasons:
  1. They sounded like I'd enjoy them 
  2. They were being turned into films and I didn't want to see the film without reading the book (this is why I read Twilight
But now things have changed. Around the time I started blogging I started reading more of what I wanted, not caring what other people say about the books. If I liked the look of them, I read them, and to a certain extent I still do that. I'll read a book because I want to at the end of the day. But what I have noticed recently is that I'm starting to listen to other people again...

I think this is mainly to do with the COYER group if I'm honest, and there are some points where I've found that I've read the same books as the others conicidentally (i.e. books like The Wright Brother, which I'm sure people got fed up of me and Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun talking about!) but there are some now that I've picked up because other bloggers have read them and mentioned them. 

Books that I've picked up but haven't read yet (or at least I haven't at the point of writing this, this could have changed) include Havoc and Seven Sons, both of which Brandee @ Bookworm Brandee can claim credit for, both have me excited to read them when I can fit them in! Another is Cutlass, which Michelle @ Because Reading got us all excited about, and Red Rising which was down to Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Book Reviews reviewing the sequel. 

Then there's the ones that I have read...I loved Queen of Someday, which was on my Kindle anyway but after reading Berls' review I had to read it and find out for myself, that book did not disappoint in the slightest! Another was Come, my first JA Huss book, which everyone seemed to be going on about at some point, again I found I really enjoyed this one! And then there's Debt Collector, though I haven't read all of them yet, I am finding the series highly enjoyable, and took a chance on it because of Lola @ Lola's Reviews review, again I wasn't disappointed! 

Now's the strange bit...there's actually two books (that I can think of) that I've read because a fellow blogger has really disliked it. For some reason this has ended up getting me so curious that I had to check the books out for myself (it's an advantage of being able to read quickly I guess!) The first would be Big Girls Do It Better, which me and Michelle got talking about and I read to find out if she was right (she was, I really didn't like it!) and the second was Zoey Rogue which Angie @ Pinkindle reviewed, and hated. I did already have both of those books so I had already been planning on reading them!

Even I'm surprised by how much I pay attention to reviews now...I like it though, it means that I can see what other people think of the same books, and that's always interesting! If you have a spare moment then you should definitely check out the blogs I've mentioned!

Do you listen to book recommendations? Or do you just read what you want regardless?