Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Book: Zoo by Tara Elizabeth

I received a copy of Zoo from my COYER Secret Santa. 

Emma David died, and yet she isn't.  Transported to the future she is used as a zoo exhibit, showing future generations what the past was like. She is instantly taken by the man in the dome opposite, a cowboy named James. But when Emma is taken to a new, more violent, enclosure along with her enclosure mate, Kale, James and his enclosure mate, Victoria, for refusing to mate and produce a baby, things take a turn for the worst...

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Wow. It had been a long while since I decided that I wanted to read Zoo so I'd half forgotten the blurb and thought I was going into pure dystopia. What I got instead was better, it was like reading a time travel book crossed with The Hunger Games and it worked really well . Several moments had me on the edge of my seat and I really didn't know what would happen next.

The book is aimed at a Young adult audience,  though I did think there were a few moments that meant that it is at the more mature end of the spectrum. Some of those related to the 'love triangle', though that is in inverted commas because I don't think that the term quite describes what went on. I liked Kale from the beginnig, he was a good guy, but wanted Emma to be with James (which is what she wanted) up until the first face to face meeting with James, then it all changed! 

James wasn't the only character who changed my opinion of them, Victoria had a turn around too. I think both of these had to do with how Emma saw the characters,  and says a lot for how well the author managed to capture complex feelings and the character's inner voice.  

I'm glad I wasn't disappointed by this book! I very much enjoyed it! 

Zoo counts towards Winter COYER