Friday, 23 January 2015

Book: Zoey Rogue by Lizzy Ford

I received a copy of Zoey Rogue in exchange for my review.

Zoey is a halfling, created in a lab by succubae and trained to kill the male offspring of human women and incubai, Cambion. Zoey is one of the best, despite not fitting in with the rest of the Halflings looks wise, but when her Benefactor, the Professor, starts to struggle to support her, he knows that her inccubus soul-mate, Declan. Declan has an important role in Incubatti society, and doesn't need someone like Zoey as a soul-mate, and yet he has no choice. Despite resisting for three years, Declan can't resist any longer, and is determined to make Zoey his.

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So Zoey Rogue got pushed up my TBR list because Angie @ Pinkindle reviewed it and didn't like it, apparently this made me curious and I had to read it. I can't say that I disliked the book as much, but there was something about it that just didn't click for me. I actually thought that some of it worked well in fact, but felt let down by the rest.

The main problem I think I had was the lack of chemistry between the two leads, Zoey and Declan. I just didn't really feel it even when they were having supposedly mind blowing sex. Though I did see moments where I thought Declan was being sweet, ultimately I didn't feel that they kept to their individual characters so much when it came to coming together. On top of that, there was something a bit clinical, and unsexy about the sex scenes, there were a couple of points where I winced at the wording which is never good.

What I did like was the interactions between the Halfling Team R! The girls seemed to bounce well off each other, and the banter kept these scenes going. In fact it was the action scenes that redeemed this book a bit for me, without them I think I would have struggled and actually not finished a book for a change (normally I finish a book even if I don't like it, because you never know, it might have a great ending!).

I followed some of the world building, but found it confusing at other points, and this made it so that some of the plot was a bit hazy as well (because it required the mythology to work) and this even transferred to the ending, which I'm still a little confused about and if they mythology was what I thought it was, shouldn't work. I could see the basis of good ideas but it wasn't always carried out fully.

I can't help but feel disappointed by Zoey Rogue, there were some points where it actually grabbed my attention and kept it, but then it lost it with other parts.

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