Saturday, 24 January 2015

Book: Warrior Prince by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Warrior Prince, book 4 of Dragon Lords, in exchange for my review.

When a job doesn't quite go to plan, Pia Korbin knows that she has to change the way she looks and fast, the scars on her face and body give her away too easily. Signing up to Galaxy Brides is the only way that she can afford the corrective surgery, even if it means that she signs a contract meaning that she will have to get married no matter what. On meeting the Draig, Pia catches the eye of the Captain of the Guard, Prince Zoran, though she can't understand why, causing her to distrust her new husband's interest in her...

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Well that wasn't what I expected at all. Having met both Zoran and Pia previously in the other three books I was fairly confident of their characters and thought I'd be able to work out what their marital problem would be...except I was wrong, about both of them and about their relationship. The weirdest part of that being that it all fit with what had already been told.

Pia was always shown as a strong and confident woman, able to hold her own in a fight and smart enough to strategise, so what I didn't expect was her insecurity, both around Zoran and in general. There was one or two moments where I found her self-loathing a little over the top, but on reflection I know that I would have been more frustrated if she had suddenly dropped it as it wouldn't have been realistic.

Zoran was seen as a bit stand offish and dark by the other female characters, and yet all I could think about him really was that he was actually really sweet. Though it wasn't easy, because of Pia's past, he tried everything he could think of ro make her happy and win her over. Better still, I didn't feel like he fought her on who she was, even if he did attempt to protect her unnecessarily at times.

Whereas I expected the pair of them to have a somewhat antagonistic relationship, simply because they were both such strong characters according to the others, I was surprised to discover that right from the off there was a lot of teamwork going on. Ignoring their intimacy problems (read: Pia's insecurity and a lot of confusion over being attracted to each other) they worked well from the start and I liked that about their relationship.

Interestingly Pia was very innocent, and I don't just mean about sex, I mean about other things related to how a woman's body works, and this led to what I thought was a touching scene between her and Queen Mede, it was good to see her getting the mother-daughter bond she craved.

The ending to Warrior Prince was good, there was a cuteness about it as well as a sense of wrapping up the Princes' stories (without the series ending as a whole) and I can imagine that the next generation of Draig royalty will be a handful!

Warrior Prince counts towards Winter COYER.