Sunday, 25 January 2015

Book: Stranded by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Stranded, part 2 of the Silo 1000 Romance, in exchange for my review.

Minutes before their wedding, Maryann Holston and Paul Allison were separated when Maryann was picked to go to a different Silo. Missing each other greatly, Maryann particularly struggles as Silo 998 has a very different view on the role of women, namely that they should be submissive towards men and always do what they are told. When Maryann acts out in the hope of saving people’s lives, it almost ends badly for the couple.

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Having read two of these (based on Hugh Howey’s dystopia Silo series) I’m now thoroughly engrossed in the dystopia and the world created by it, and really need to go and get Wool out of the box in the garage (yep too many books for the house) and read it!  I’m somewhat intrigued to see how Pillow’s take on Silo is compared to the original.

The friendship and love between Paul and Maryann developed in the previous Silo 1000 book and in this one is only made stronger by the distance. The pair of them manage to keep in contact, despite the danger, and yet even then they are thinking about other people above themselves, and how they can best help the Silos.

The ending of Stranded was both frustrating and rewarding. The events leading up to it were definitely how the story needed to go, but there was an element of danger to one of the characters that has me a little worried (especially as I can’t quite squeeze Destined into my list of books to read next.

I really don’t like Missy though. Even before I didn’t like her much, but it wasn’t her treatment of Paul and Maryann that put the nail in her coffin, but rather the way that she treated Jonny. I felt sorry for the poor boy and hope that he gets something better in Destined (or at the very least in the author’s head!)

Stranded counts towards Winter COYER