Sunday, 11 January 2015

Book: Shattered Bonds by Lynda Aicher

I received a copy of Shattered Bonds in exchange for my review.

Liv has no clue what it is her sister does at work, but she does know that the friends Vanessa has have become her close friends as well, until a car accident nearly tears that from them. With the three original owners of the Den and their partners, injured in the car, their private lives are about to be broadcast to the world, whether the Den lawyer, Noah, wants it or not. With friendships and bonds tested, Noah and Liv find themselves growing closer, even as their world is torn apart. Will the bonds break, or will they be stronger in the end?

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Shattered Bonds is book 7 of Wicked Play, and though I didn't read the series in order (I went 4, 6, 2, 1, 3, 5) I'm glad I waited until I'd finished all 6 of the other books before reading this one. Mainly because this gave one hell of an emotional punch. I was expecting a big problem for the Den, because of the blurb and because of the finale, but what I didn't expect was the car crash in chapter 1. I actually surprised myself slightly with how emotional I got about it, I knew I'd connected with the characters in the previous books, but I hadn't realised quite how much until this one.

There were two main themese in Shattered Bonds, there was the friendship between the various owners of the Den and their partners, and there was the growing relationship between Noah and Liv. The friendships were already there as a basis but they really grew in this book, cementing the bonds between them. It wasn't just the friendships either, but Vanessa and Liv's relationship as sisters got stronger, particularly when the purpose of the Den was revealed.

There were several fall outs from the accident, not just that a couple of the characters ended up very seriously hurt (including one of my favourites) but there was also the reveal of who they were and what the Den did. This caused fall outs for several of the characters professionally as well as in regards to their health, which did somewhat sour the ending but ultimately felt right because in the world people do judge.

The ending itself, the epilogue that was, was perfect in my eyes, maybe a bit cheesy, but ultimately it made me think it was really sweet at the same time as making me laugh a bit (particularly Rock's comment about paperwork!) I think it worked, and broke some of the tension that had built through the book.

Liv and Noah's relationship was one of the most complex of the 7 books. Not only was it developing while everyone was recovering from the aftermath of the accident, but Noah had been hurt by a bad event from his BDSM past, whereas Liv was more or less clueless about the lifestyle. But what they had worked. They went with the flow and didn't question it too much. Well until they did and then things got a bit more complicated!

This has been a fantastic experience, and I'm sad to see it end, but this was definitely a good ending. Emotional and strong in the end.

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