Saturday, 10 January 2015

Book: Scorned by S L Scott

Jules has spent 3 years heartbroken over Dylan Sommers, the man who left her for no real reason. Though her friend Brandon has helped to support her, she is still not as together as she once was. Instead, Jules has poured herself into a career, and is now has a successful art career through which she's met Austin. Dylan has been making appearances back in Jules' life, and she isn't sure quite how to deal with that. But Austin is different, sexy, charming and definitely into her, she has fun with him and forgets how badly broken she is...

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I'll be honest, it was definitely the cover that attracted me to Scorned, especially when it is seen alongside the cover to the sequel, Jealousy, which is the rest of the model. Now I'm even more intrigued because I discovered that books 3 and 4 are alternative endings, so you choose the one you want to read (either Dylan or Austin, though lets face it I'll probably end up reading both based on how much I enjoyed Scorned). So ultimately when I picked up Scorned, I wasn't 100% sure what I should really expect. Having read it, I loved this book.

None of the characters are perfect, Jules was broken by one event, Dylan was easily led, Brandon had his own agenda, though Austin seemed perfect, though I'm sure he has some fault somewhere! And that made the characters attainable for the reader, and made the story work. This wasn't a love story as such, but rather a putting back together and moving on story, and in that it was brilliant. When Jules went on a date with Austin she didn't just completely forget about Dylan, and it didn't make everything better, but it did start a healing process, and that felt real.

I wasn't sure what to make of Dylan. He made a big mistake and he recognised that, but there was just something about hiim that I didn't like and I can't quite put my finger on it. It could be just because he was introduced through Jules' point of view while she was upset and angry with him, or it could just be me! I kind of liked the idea that he was a bit unlikeable, gives him a chance to redeem himself.

Austin on the other hand...well I really like him as a character. I think the main thing that I like about him is that he made Jules happy, and more than that it wasn't about a massive gesture, but rather little things like making her laugh and giving her the food she liked. Of course this could all change, and I suspect that there is a chance that it will once the glow of new love wears off.

I don't think it will take me long to read Jealousy, the concept and the story have me too intrigued to stay away!

Scorned counts towards Winter COYER