Sunday, 18 January 2015

Book: Purenet by H J Lawson

I received a copy of Purenet in exchange for my review.

Skylier has lived her whole live in Cueva, a place that is ruled by Purenet and uses the citizens to have their children and to provide entertainment. Except Skylier doesn’t want that, she just wants to stay in Cueva even if that means never seeing the sun. Though she has the right to choose that option, Skylier catches the eye of the wrong person, the Chancellor’s son, Xander, only to be quickly rescued by his brother Dax. But there’s something not quite right about the situation, only family member’s can hear thoughts and Skylier can hear both Xander and Dax’s…

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Purenet felt like a fast read, which was strange for a dystopia as normally they feel to go a bit slower for me (because they are normally so complex not through any fault of dystopias, or me not enjoying them). In a couple of places I did think that there could have been more descriptions added but that would have been a bonus to the story.

I thought that as a main character in a young adult dystopia, Skylier seemed to be very mature, she made tough decisions that a lot of 16 year olds would have been hard pressed to make and probably couldn’t have made. It worked well for me because one thing that I can’t stand is overly immature heroines.

There was a very basic love triangle forming in Purenet, but the story and events moved too quickly for it to be much more than attraction. On the one hand there was Lowell, Skylier’s brother Rian’s best friend, and on the other there was Haydan, who was Dax’s accomplice. I wasn’t sure which of the two to side with at first (though now I’m sure) and I liked the way there was no quick progression into romance. I also liked the fact that Lowell was younger than Skylier (not by much) as that doesn’t often seem to happen.

There was a big twist in Purenet, mostly surrounding Dax, Xander and Skylier and I swear I did not see it coming. It was a little confusing at first but mostly because Skylier (well and Dax, his POV happened once) were confused, but as soon as they got it, it all made sense.

The dystopia itself was well drawn out and actually quite complex. It felt like it had a lot of layers to it, and it felt like there is a lot more to be revealed about the book. I’m interested to find out where this story is going.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Purenet.