Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book: Perfect Prince by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Perfect Prince in exchange for my review.

Nadja's father has always controlled every part of her life, from exactly what she ate, to how she appeared, but when he tells her who she'll marry Nadja has enough. Not wanting to marry Hank, an ageing medic working with her father, Nadja runs to the first ship that will get her out of there, a ship that happens to belong to Galaxy Brides. Reaching Quirixilian, she meets Prince Olek, whose crystal has revealed that they are soul mates. Olek and Nadja seem to get on well in the bridal tent, but as soon as he reveals to her that she is a Princess, a wedge becomes driven between them. Nadja never wanted to be a Princess, she wanted to hide, but Olek is starting to break down that idea and change her heart.

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 Though this is the second book in the Dragon Lords series, the events happen concurrently in books 1-4 (not sure about 5-8, though book 9 is a prequel) and so reading them in order isn't necessarily needed, though I do think reading them in order does help as it reveals things in a certain way. This does mean that some events are repeated in the book, but you get a different perspective, and the repeated events often come with answered questions about what was going on with the other characters (i.e. the Coronation, the Knife Throwing Scene, where most of the characters were present).

I really liked that Nadja formed a bond with one of the other women, Pia, who I won't lie, has me totally intrigued, I want to know more about her! Though she did also start to bond a bit with Morrigan and Olena too. In this book more was revealed about Olena as well, whereas before she'd pretty much been Yusef's wife. Basically these friendships just have me more intrigued by the women!

The romance between Nadja and Olek was ultimately sweet. They had some passionate moments, and the chemistry was good between them, but even so I still got the idea that overall there was as sweet vibe to it (proved by Olek's several romantic gestures later in the book). I really liked this, I thought it was good to see the more vulnerable side of the warrior, and that Nadja needed someone sweet to be able to blossom into the relationship. Also I thought Olek's pet name was really sweet, especially once Solarflowers were actually described.

I loved Nadja, even though she was fighting with her husband, or more accurately, giving her husband the cold shoulder, she wanted to be useful, and was inventing potions and investigating plants so that she was. I like women that don't just sit around thinking 'woe is me!' that gets frustrating, and from what I've seen these women definitely aren't them.

I'm excited to read more in the series, especially to discover some of the truths about Olena and Pia!

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