Sunday, 4 January 2015

Book: Owned by the Alphas 1 by Faleena Hopkins

I received a copy of Owned by the Alphas in exchnge for my review.

Ali has become a little fed up with her life, especially from the pressure of people wanting to know what she wants to do with it. While taking a hike she gets lost and runs into an attractive and strangely naked man in the woods, and yet she can't help but feel safe near him. After the death of his father, Calt has become the alpha of his pack, yet he hasn't really felt like an alpha...that is until he comes across a human in his land and knows that he has to have her. But when danger comes he has to expose himself as a werewolf, not quite knowing what Ali's reaction will be...

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Owned by the Alphas does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a hot werewolf romance, with some explicit scenes. There weren't really any big surprises and that worked (mainly because that is what I wanted at the time) though I do think that in the upcoming other two books there may be a few!

What I really liked about the story was that though Ali did everything Calt said without questioning it, she did recognise that she was doing it. This awareness didn't stop her from acting the same, but it did mean that it felt more believable. She also admitted to feeling fear, something that I think most heroines in her situation often don't.

Another interesting thing was the pack dynamics. I still haven't quite worked it all out, and I'm looking forward to learning more, but it didn't seem as if there were supposed to be any real pairings within the pack. Rather everyone got on with everyone (and by that I mean they interchanged partners). I'm not too sure how this will pan out in future books but I want to find out.

This was enjoyable, it does what it says it's going to do and has set up the situation for the next book nicely.

Owned by the Alphas 1 counts towards Winter COYER