Friday, 2 January 2015

Book: Luck of the Dragon by Susannah Scott

I received a copy of Luck of the Dragon in exchange for my review.

Lucy's brother, Joey, is in trouble again, and this time paying it off means that Lucy has to take part in a heist, stealing from the King of Vegas, Alec. Unknown to Lucy, Alec is the King of shape-shifting dragons and almost instantly recognises her as his mate. Refusing to accept that someone may want her for herself, Lucy continues to try and get herself, and Joey, out of trouble and away from Vegas. Even if that means tearing herself away from one of the best things that has ever happened to her. With her life on the line, can Lucy stop herself from falling for Alec? And can Lucy be the key to saving Alec's failing dragon?

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I definitely want more! After a slightly slow start to this book, I found that it picked up quickly and dragged me into a world full of gangs, dragons and gambling, that all intertwined to create a rich and complex story. Top that off with a bit of a love story and you've hooked me! Plus, dragons, who doesn't love dragons! And the cover, basically in my shallowness, the cover had me already! (Well it is gorgeous!)

I liked Lucy, she was stubborn and didn't let something like a very attractive dragon who makes her feel good, get in the way of what she wants. Nor does she look to Alec to solve her problems for her (despite the fact that he would have) in fact she looks for ways to solve her (and her brother, Joey's) problems herself. This does then lead to some confusion and conflicts, both with the various other characters and Alec, meaning that the ending isn't quite as cut and dry as it could otherwise have been.

The chemistry between Alec and Lucy was there, though I have read stronger, I didn't have any problem believing in it. It was interesting that the mating bond didn't seem as intense as normal. Normally both characters are all for it etc, whereas in Luck of the Dragon, Alec recognises it, but then recognises that Lucy may have a hard time coming to terms with it and so acts accordingly.

This was a rich world, and the book really drew me in! I want to read more from the series!

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