Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Book: Jealousy by S L Scott

Jealousy is book 2 of From the Inside Out.

Jules is steadily getting over her heartbreak when Dylan left her, and moving on with Austin. If only Dylan could do the same. Dylan wants Jules back, whatever the cost, and when he plays, he wins. Jules knows that Dylan is the cause of her years of anguish, and even so a part of her is drawn to him even if Austin is making her happy. The cracks are beginning to show in Jules and Austin's realtionship and who Jules choice will change all of their lives...

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Well now I have a dilemma! This series has alternative endings, named Austin and Dylan, now in all liklihood I'll end up reading both, but which one I read first is the big question, cause that's the ending I want for Jules. Since the previous book, Scorned, I've preferred Austin, mainly cause he hasn't hurt Jules massively, but there is a little part of me that thinks that Dylan would be a more complete end to the story...then again, maybe reading the ending will completely change my mind!

The main difference in Jealousy is that Jules is feeling happy, about herself and about her relationship (which has been going on for 5 months so is at a fairly serious stage). Whereas in the other book she was coasting through (which was the point and it worked for that!) in this book you got to see who she truely was, someone that laughed, loved and made some pretty witty comments!

Then there was the boys...Jules' best friends Brandon didn't play a massive role in Jealousy, other than to keep an eye on Austin and Dylan (which needed doing) but Dylan's realisation that Jules and Brandon had slept toether was probably an important moment, there was also his slightly unrequainted love going on in the background, though he's the kind of person that would never say anything because it would hurt Jules to do so.

Austin seemed to be played in a bad light in this book. And yet I'm not too sure why, he refused to be late to her birthday meal, he bought her a thoughtful birthday gift and he wanted her to move in with her, and yet he didn't seem to actually be paying much attention to her in some ways. I'm not too sure what to make of it, and considering I prefer Austin...complex! Just like life I guess!

Dylan on the other hand was right out schemeing. He bought Jules a lovely present at the start of the book (which she thought was from Austin) but after that he didn't seem to care who he hurt to get what he wants, and I don't think that that excludes Jules.

This book was left in a very precarious situation that I doubt the characters can successfully get out of without being hurt, I just have to mull it over and work out which guy I think should have a shot with Jules.

Jealousy counts towards Winter COYER and Bookish Resolutions.