Saturday, 31 January 2015

Book: His Highness the Duke by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of His Highness the Duke, book 5 of Dragon Lords, in exchange for my review.

Aeron Grey is one of the only survivors of her planet's destruction, the other being her sister Riona. Having overheard plans to destroy the Qurixilian people, Aeron goes against the orders of the Federation, her employers, and sets out to warn them. But having lived on the straight and narrow, Aeron knows nothing of stealthy missions and leaves the organisation to her larger than life sister. Riona's plan involves signing up to Galaxy Brides, meaning that Aeron meets Bron, the High Duke and fifth inline to the throne, and the dragon shifter that is convinced that she is his and he is hers...

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His Highness the Duke was different from the previous four books in the series, and not just because of the shift in setting and characters. There was a completely different tone to the book than the others, mostly because of Aeron and Bron's relationship, but also to do with the ultimate threat.

The threat is different from those faced by Bron's cousins, whereas the focus for them was on the Var, the focus for Bron and his brothers was on the Tyoe, but more than that, the threat was actually kind of in the background of this story,being set up to be resolved in future books. I didn't mind this, but it could be annoying for some readers due to it not being resolved in the book itself.

There was an interesting side conflict going on as well, mainly that Bron and Aeron got a little carried away on their wedding night and actually had sex (which breaks tradition). This caused Bron to panic a lot about breaking tradition which wasn't good as far as he was concerned, and Aeron to worry because her race of people started dying once they had sex. Because it was the fifth book in the series, and life spans had already been brought up previously, I didn't actually feel too worried about this thought if I'm honest, which was a bit strange!

Aeron and Bron's relationship stabalised a lot quicker than the Princes' did. They had a connection and a physical attraction from the start and there wasn't so much tension caused by hiding the truth as the Princes' had. This led to their issues coming in other places, but I found that they worked together on an emotional level easily and could talk it out.

I liked Aeron, she was a strong woman that had no problem with being exactly that; a woman. She could enjoy being physically more fragile than a man but at the same time didn't want to be treated as intellectully or emotionally inferior. It really endeared her to me.

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