Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Book: Eternity by Tmonique Stephens

I received a copy of Eternity, book 1 of The Descendants of Ra, from Netgalley in exchange for my review.

Stella stumbled upon something that she shouldn't have and nearly ended up dead because of it. Now Roman has been hired to protect her, little expecting that she will contain the soul of the lover he has been cursed to look for for all eternity. Even if Stella doesn't remember who he is, Roman wants to love her and protect her, even if that means letting her go, but neither of them can ignore the pull between them or the desire to be together. But dark forces are at work, and not everyone wants to see Roman happy, particularly not Alamut, working for Anubis, he has revenge plans...

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Action packed is how I'd describe Eternity! There was no shortage of scenes where the hero, well and the heroine kicked arse in this book, and it did work well within the context and the story. Ultimately this was almost a thriller with some paranormal elements genre wise (just to throw everyone off) and then some Gods added in just to mix it up a little. Though it doesn't necessarily sound like it would work, it definitely did, and I found myself quickly drawn into the characters world.

As a main character I really like Stella. Bad things happened to her but she never actually let that stop her from going after what she wanted. Whether that was Roman himself, or just the freedom not to be hunted and murdered. She also wanted to be able to look after herself and not have to rely on other people, which definitely endeared her to me.

Similarly I liked Roman as a MC too. So often with the immortal alpha male types they dimiss what others can do and only protect, thouroughly annoying the women in their lives, but Roman didn't do that! Instead he listened to Stella and helped her achieve what she wanted without making her feel inferior.

The chemistry between the two of them was definitely there, though I liked the fact it wasn't insta-love really, even if they were soul mates, and I also liked the fact that neither of them really tried to deny that they were attrracted to each other. Roman had a moment where he thought it was for the best but he was very quickly overruled.

One thing I spent most of the book trying to figure out was exactly who Alamut was. It was clear that he was known to the MCs, well mainly to Roman, but I struggled to figure out who he was. I only worked it out a few minutes before it was revealed by the other characters, and even then it was a pretty obvious moment that gave it away. I did like that the story kept me on my toes!

I've really enjoyed reading Eternity, and am looking forward to continueing on with the story!

Eternity counts towards Winter COYER, Bookish Resolutions and 2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge.