Friday, 9 January 2015

Book: Ecstasy by Susan Kaye Quinn

I received a copy of Ecstasy in exchange for my review. 

With Ophelia missing,  Lirium does the only thing he can think of; try to get her back. With that goal in mind he makes his way to Madame A's to get answers and to find out who has Ophelia. But what he finds out there reveals far more than he expected about the brothal's inner workings and Lirium once more discovers the addictive call of illegal mercy hits. 

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This series just keeps getting better. I wasn't sure exactly where it was going at the end of the second installment but this one dragged me right into it and answered some questions that I didn't even know I had! Plus there was the return of several old characters as well as more new characters introduced.  

On the character front I think I've softened a bit towards Ophelia and I'm not really all that sure why. There was also Elena (referred to as Apple Girl in Lirium's mind) and her sister Tilly re entering the story and complicating things for Lirium a bit. And then there was Grace many females for Lirium to keep track of! 

Though Lirium himself is a flawed character I can't help but like him. Despite the job that he does being potentially classed as morally wrong, it is clear through his actions and his words that he is also a good man at heart, particularly shown through his mercy hits. Not that he would recognise those traits as good. 

This is a great world that I'm enjoying learning about, with great characters to flesh it out!  Worth reading!  

Ecstasy counts towards Winter COYER