Friday, 9 January 2015

Book: Driven by Susan Kaye Quinn

I received a copy of Driven in exchange for my review.

Having been betrayed by the woman he is coming to care for, Lirium is at an all time low while working for the mob. Realising that running might not be an option anymore, he decides to bide his time and try again later, even if that means that he has to do the mob's will in order to suceed...

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A discussion in the COYER group yesterday (well Wednesday, but yesterday from when I wrote my review) got me thinking about Lirium's POV. Normally I don't connect all that well with first person male narratives, which is definitely to do with me and not the books I might add, and yet I've never felt that way about Lirium, in fact I enjoy his narratives.

There's no real mystery as to Lirium's thinking, he reveals what he feels and ultimately what his motivation is, and the lack of having to guess works well for me. It helps with the flow and pacing of the story, as well as revealing who the character really is, and not who he appears to the outside world...but then again, as a reader, we don't know how he actually appears outwardly.

There is one thing that I'm still not sure about though and that is the possibility of a relationship with Ophelia. I'm still not sure what to feel about Ophelia myself, sometimes I think she's alright and she starts to grow on me and then others I'm really not sure about her at all. None of which is helped by Lirium's confusion over how he feels about her (mostly jealousy as far as I can tell!)

Lirium still comes across as an ultimately decent guy, whether he likes that or not, which I am happy to be able to say after the ending, there were a few paragraphs there where I really wasn't sure if he was going to stay true to his own character or not.

I still really like the fact that the cast of characters is still small, I think it makes the story flow better, and allow the current cast to be developped in a logical and flowing way!

Driven counts towards Winter COYER