Sunday, 25 January 2015

Book: Chosen by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Chosen in exchange for my review.

In the Silos there are just 1000 people allowed. When one person dies, another is allowed to be born, and if one person is born, then another has to die. Maryann has grown up in that world, but has been tasked with a great secret. On her way through the vents of the Silo she overhears a conversation between her old best friend, Paul, and the Mayor's daughter, Missy, and knows she could end up in big trouble. Lucky for Maryann, Paul's always had a soft spot to her and wouldn't want to put her in danger...

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Chosen is part of the Kindle Worlds program (which as far as I can tell is a way of publishing fan fiction without any copyright issues). Chosen is based on the world created in Wool by Hugh Howey (a book which I actually own but haven't read and now am much more intrigued by after reading Pillow's take).

Firstly, I thought this book was very different in tone from the other books I've read from Michelle M Pillow so far, not just because of the lower heat level (which does make a slight difference) but also because the world was so different from the ones in her other books. Not having read Wool, I'm not sure how the world compares, but I do think that I got a good grasp for it, and if you like dystopias then I can see how this would be an enjoyable one!

The relationship between Maryann and Paul wasn't delved into in too much detail in Chosen, and in fact it was more sweet than anything else, but it did feel real. The whole thing was based on their old friendship, which they never really lost, and I liked the way that the first few kisses had a little awkwardness to them as well as being passionate, it just seemed right!

Chosen has made me very curious, I have the other two books in this series and know that it won't take me long to read them simply because I am curious, but mainly this is to do with the big secret that Maryann was tasked with hiding. I want to know what it was and what part it is going to play!

I really enjoyed Chosen, its a short dystopian read, and though it is based on something else I don't think that's a good reason not to read it! Even if you haven't read Wool I think it can be enjoyable!

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