Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Book: The Boleyn Deceit by Laura Andersen

I received a copy of The Boleyn Deceit, book 2 of The Boleyn Trilogy, in exchange for my review.

Keeping their love a secret from the ever amourous King William, Minuette and Dominic are embroiled in the schemes and plots the surround the Tudor dynasty. While William is determined to marry Minuette, others wish that he would honour the French treaty and marry the Princess he is promised to. Meanwhile, though resigned to a foreign marriage, Elizabeth still has hope that she could be able to marry her lover, Robert Dudley. But now she has been told something by John Dee, something that could completely change her life and give her something that she never thought she'd have...

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I loved book one of The Boleyn Trilogy and was looking forward to reading book 2, and I tell you what, it blew me away. I was quickly dragged back into the Tudor court in which the characters live, even though several of the characters never existed in history (including the King!). So much so that even though I'd finished the book (and started another one) I wanted to dive back into the story (so maybe reading book 3 isn't that far away!) There aren't that many books that have quite begged me as much to be read!

The historical characters that are a part of The Boleyn Deceit were all well thought out, or at least I thought so. I think that Elizabeth very much reflects a younger version of the Queen that she will become, and you can see the journey that she is going down to become her. Other historical characters included George and Jane Rochford, neither of whom would have been alive under 'normal circumstances' (quick history summary; George Boleyn was executed alongside his sister Anne for incest/adultery/defaming the King, and Jane Boleyn was executed alongside Katherine Howard, 5th Queen of Henry VIII, for helping her commit adultry). Their marriage is the strained one often depicted at the same time as being more complex and they actually come across as a bit of a power couple!

There are two main love stories going on in The Boleyn Deceit. That of Minuette and Dominic, which was complicated by William's intentions towards Minuette, and Elizabeth and Robert Dudley. While Minuette and Dominic had a passionate, but restrained affair, mostly to keep their friend happy and in the dark, everyone knew about Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, yet nothing ever happened between them, reflecting history to a point it would seem.

The love triangle, though I am reluctant to call it that due to it being clear from the start where Minuette's intentions lay, had all the hallmarks of Tudor intrigue, both with a slight parrallel to the story of Anne Boleyn, as well as having double meanings and secrets. There was also the level of being found out.

I loved this book, I'm looking forward to the next one!

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