Thursday, 1 January 2015

Book: Barbarian Prince by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of Barbarian Prince in exchange for my review.

Morrigan Blake is a reporter, and now she's undercover looking for a story on Galaxy Brides, the corporation that 'sells' women to the Qurilixen race, including Prince Ualan. Rigan never intended to be chosen, but as soon as she lays eyes on Ualan she can't help but feel the connection. Having waited for his crystal to glow near a woman, Ualan has found the one he'll spend his life with, though it doesn't appear to be plain sailing for the couple, with Rigan seeming to plot against him. Announcing herself a slave, the couple have a whole minefield of problems to negotiate, all the while the Var threat looms over them.

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Ever since reading The Dragon's Queen I've been excited to read the rest of the series, to expand on the world as well as introducing new characters. Barbarian Prince definitely delievered, and there was a chance to see what old characters from The Dragon's Queen were up to!

The world that Pillow has created is brilliant, not only was it rich in detail but it was different from what I'd read before, especially the combination of dragon shifters and space (though I'm sure there are books that have done it before, I'm yet to read any other than this one!). I then thought that the merging of some modern technology with more simplistic and medieval living worked well, all the romance of one without the dangers.

From what I can gather The Dragon Lords series stories run parrallell to each other, meaning that each one will add to the story that's hppening at the same time, and answer questions about different aspects of culture. At the moment I'm very intrigued by most of the characters (Pia is definitely up there!) and learning more about them.

The chemistry between Rigan and Ualan was definitely there, and built because of the denail between them (necessary denial for various reasons) meaning that the pair of them actually had to work towards getting what they wanted. However, I also wanted to bang their heads together at some points, they were just being so obtuse, particularly when it came to how the felt about each other! That worked in the storyline though, it wouldn't have been nearly so enjoyable if they'd got on easily!

I'm looking forward to reading more in the series!

Barbarian Prince counts towards Winter COYER