Saturday, 3 January 2015

Book: Awakening by Brandon Sanderson

Awakening is based on the video game Infinity Blade.

Siris is the Sacrifice, the son of the previous Sacrifice and tasked with fighting the God King. Whereas every other time the God King has been victorious, this time Siris has won. Except now he's not sure what to do. When he returns to the God King's throne room he is subject of an assassination attempt by a mysterious woman, who he learns is called Isa. Isa knows how to guide anyone anywhere, and Siris sets off on a journey with her to finish what he started; to kill the God King.

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Well this was interesting. I've never played Infinity Blade and I'd never read a game to book adaption before hand, and unlike a lot of readers (according to reviews at least) I did know going in that this was based on a video game. Though ultimately I don't think it made much difference. As with the other Sanderson books I've read I've found myself drawn into the world, the magic and the characters, though personally I could see the points at which it would be a game flow (not that I game much, and I do think this is only because I know that it's based on a game!)

The one thing I'm still a little unsure of is what genre I want to class this as. Overall it had a fantasy feel about it, as does the other pieces of Sanderson's works that I've read, though there were some moments when there seemed to be high tech technology involved too. Despite the two maybe clashing in theory, it actually worked really well.

Of course this wouldn't be a Sanderson book without a kick ass heroine, and Isa provided that, though she wasn't the central character like Vin was (though no one can ever replace Vin in my heart, she's one of the first fantasy characters I really loved, and if you haven't read Mistborn then you're missing out!) I am hoping to see more of Isa in the next book, and I'm hoping that the relationship between Siris and Isa progresses, because it truly felt like there was potential there.

The culture of the story was built up well, not that I expected any less, and I found myself dragged into the world, the settings, and yes the magic, without a struggle at all. I realise that a lot of this may be to do with the original game developers (and kudos to them for it!) but the way it came to life was pure Sanderson.

I really enjoyed this book, though I had little doubt that I would! Worth a read!