Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Sunday Post #2

The Sunday Post

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Real Life News

I go into a school to help in the languages department on Mondays, and this Monday was very scary! For the first time I was up in front of a class on my own teaching (the colours in French that is). I completely underestimated just how scary a group of 11 year olds can be!

I helped my Mum with Beavers this week (They're boy Scouts aged 6-8, my little brother is one) which meant that I had to wear my Network Scout Uniform for a change! We were making Christmas tree decorations for the Christmas Tree festival at the church this weekend, and I got to join in!
My glass bauble from Beavers
This weekend is the start of the Christmas Tree Festival in our village (where each of the clubs/organisations in the village puts up a Christmas Tree in the church). For context, our village is a fairly traditional, and fairly old fashioned in the way that it runs, there's a lot of Sports clubs, as well as a strong British Legion group, and active Scouting and Guiding groups (both of which I'm a member of). There's also a big emphasis on supporting local businesses, so it's a great atmosphere. I helped to put up the Network Scout (ages 18-25, which I'm a member of), Brownie Guide (ages 7-10, which I'm a leader for), Explorer Scout (ages 14-17, my friend's the leader) and Beaver Scout (ages 6-8, my Mum is the leader) Trees, and there is also one from the pub that I work in! So here we are: 
Left: Brownie photo tree and 100 Years Elephant (yes I'm not too sure why an elephant either), right is the Guide tree, Brownies is in the middle (gold and pink)
Beaver Scout Tree
Network Scout Tree

The Crown Inn's tree (though I didn't actually help with making/setting this up, I work there though so still feel some pride to share! 
Also at Brownies on Friday we had a Christmas Party (yey!) and more importantly I finally made my leader's promise! So I am now officially an invested member of both Scouts and Guides (though technically, having made my promise as a Rainbow and a Brownie myself I was already invested in Guides!)

My Chocolate Buttercream Rudolph 
Cookie Experiments

Baking wise this week has been fairly busy! No Lemon Meringues, we haven't been busy enough at the pub yet, but I did make some yummy looking Rudolphs with the Brownies (well I tested making them first) made with Curly Wurly, cherries, chocolate buttercream and white chocolate chips (not to mention the cake!) I also got a chance to experiment more with my cookie recipe (this time using 1/3rd dark chocolate and 2/3rds milk chocolate and topping them with white chocolate chips and curly wurly). They weren't as sickly this time, so I think I'm definitely getting there with them!

Writing wise, I got super excited to find out a release day for Awakening...but that's all I'll say for now! I also got a fair bit of writing done on the sequel, currently called Cloaked, though I did end up changing things around a fair bit because I realised that the reader needed to know something that Keira (the MC) didn't know so things needed changing!

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