Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Post #4

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So Monday I wasn't in school this week because I had my driving test (and yes 22 is late to be taking it, in the UK you can take it almost as soon as you're 17), this was my first attempt and I'm happy to say that I PASSED, and then spent most of Monday still in shock! I only got three minor faults as well (the max is 15 and they don't really give out no faults) so yes that's all good!

In blog news...the challenge I'm hosting with Michelle went live on Thursday! So make sure you check out the 2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge!

Brownies has broken up for the term so no news there! And work hasn't been all that hectic really, other than a couple of functions.

Baking wise I've had some fun this week! Not only have I been making lemon meringue for the pub but I spent the morning baking with my brother on Friday for my grandparents arriving. (He also wrote a letter to Santa in which he said he really liked baking with me). So we used some of my amazing mini cake tins that I got last Christmas to make minature Christmas cakes! (Some have toasted marzipan on top).

My grandparents came down on Friday for Christmas (because we're going away) and Santa came to our house early. Not only that but he's brought me an Apron! So I got what I wanted and it isn't actually even Christmas yet!

I'm also really excited to share the books that my Secret Santa from the COYER group got me!

Because reading is better than real life
This week has seen the launch of the first ever challenge that I'm hosting, the 2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge. Check out the kick off post and join us!
Because Reading Is better than real life

COYER has also kicked off (yesterday!) and I'm very excited to be a part of it again! To keep up to date with my progress (as yet none) I'll be including it in my Sunday Post and it will be on my Challenges page!

Read This Week
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So this week I've read the latest book from Melissa Foster, and they never fail to please, as well as Books, Blogs & Reality, which was an interesting read considering it was all about book bloggers, and it certainly gave me things to think about! I also got a little over excited by my COYER Secret Santa presents and dove straight into one of them (and then one of the other books in the series that I haven't read!)
Seaside Summers & Books Blogs & Reality: Blog Tour
Fighting Lady Jayne: Review Copy
Bonds of Trust: COYER Secret Santa
Awakening: Amazon
Bonds of Desire: Amazon

Reviewed this Week
(Linked to Reviews)
Quartz: Amazon
Taking Control: Review Copy
 Seaside Sunsets: Blog Tour
 Books, Blogs & Reality: Blog Tour
Fighting Lady Jayne: Review Copy
Firefly: Amazon
Bonds of Need : Amazon
Delirium: Netgalley

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