Monday, 22 December 2014

My Thoughts On...Virgin Sex Goddesses

Everybody loves a trope every now and again. Or at least I do...reformed bad boys, jaded sarcastic women, name it they're there and the best authors will make you forget that what they're using is a trope in the first place. But there is one situation in which I can not stand sex goddesses. (And you can blame Lexxie for this cause she got me thinking about them!)

Now I don't mind if a character is a virgin...I mean sometimes it's necessary, like in historical romance where she has to be a virgin or she's unpure, or something like in The Selection, where it is illegal for America not to be virgin. I have no problem with that, it's part of the story and doesn't necessarily make the character appear overly innocent (see Anne Boleyn in most books about her, or America for that matter). That is something that most authors seem to forget...being a virgin does not make you completely innocent or oblivious to men.

The thing that annoys me about virgin characters is when they suddenly become sex goddesses for no reason. No offense to guys everywhere, but no guy is good enough to make a woman forget she's a virgin and not notice the pain, it's just not going to happen. The unrealisticness is what makes this so frustrating. Even more so is when the virgin knows exactly what to do, she's now fully aware of what to do with her man to get him going and get him to orgasm...

Now the orgasms themselves...and this doesn't just apply to virgins. Ever notice how characters seem to multiple orgasm with new partners instantly? Especially virgins. My question is how?! After all surely it takes time to work out wht makes the characters tick and gets them to that point. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but please not so many orgasms.

And finally, the most annoying thing about book virgins. Have you noticed that I've been referring to the virgin as a she? Because it would be almost impossible for it to happen the other way around, for some reason the woman is a virgin but the man can be extremely experienced and then honoured to take that little bit of her. Why can't the woman have more experience? Why can't the man be the virgin? It's a stereotype that I'm really not sure how it came about.

Rant over...your thoughts?